Tuesday, September 15, 2009

fresh start

The start of the new week, a chance to move on from the mistakes of the past, and there were some great opportunities to do just that Monday night/Tues morn. I was able to grab about 30 pips, but unfortunately I had to leave at 4:30 am and didn't get to look at the charts again until around 9:30 am. In that time there was a HUGE drop! Congrats to anyone that was able to capture that. I'm sure that would of been one of those trades that made you feel invincible, if you were on the right side of it!

I made I think about 7 dollars total from todays trades, so I'm still in the negative from where I started. I know if I would of been able to grab that big drop today that would of definately moved me into the black. Hopefully the rest of the week will continue the trend and maybe I can be back to break even or in the positive cash by then!

Happy trading!

9/15/2009 0:13 1.66219 - Long
9/15/2009 2:03 1.66491

9/15/2009 3:02 1.66140 - Long
9/15/2009 3:39 1.66016

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