Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not much action lately. I need to update my plan. I've been getting stopped out too much. I'm going to go back to 1 lot per trade with about a $2.00 stoploss. That should give about 20? pips of leeway and prevent from getting stopped out so much before taking profit.

I'm also considering trading a single lot on the 4 hour charts just following the trend. Whenever there is a cross over, placed a trade and the trailing the stops. Maybe a 10 - 15 pip stoploss with a 40 pip take profit on the 4 hour charts. I'll update my account status later. Also want to update it on to track my trades there.

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  1. Hi there,

    Are you still around? I've been demo-ing the cowabunga system for a few weeks now, experimenting with a few tweaks, and basically trying to find my place in forex.
    I'm looking for a trading buddy to share trades/results with on a daily basis, someone to exchange ideas and thoughts with about the market and system and to help each other with the emotional management part by giving an objective view of each other's trades, etc. If you are still trying out the cowabunga system and would interested in learning and trading together with me, please pm me on - my username is cds4686.